Friday, October 17, 2008

after Philodemos

My first love was with Chrissie,
I'd met in Indiana;
And then there was a Chrissie
Raised down in Louisiana.

A buxom Chrissie in Kansas,
Two best friends in Michigan,
A husker from Nebraska,
A widow in Maryland.

A cowgirl Chrissie in Texas,
An ex-nun in Oregon,
And a dreadlocked Rastafari
In rainy Washington.

Wherever I have traveled,
In Utah or Kentucky,
Wherever there's a Chrissie,
I know that I'll get lucky.

It must have been the Fates
Who decided on my name;
Or maybe it's some random,
Erotic spelling game.

It's true in every Chrissie,
You'll find a hidden Chris.
And I've checked every Chrissie
To make damn sure of this.

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