Thursday, October 16, 2008


Never trust the five-star chef
Who’s too fat or too lean;
Be cautious of the mechanic
Whose fingers are too clean;
Never retain the lawyer
Who’s never won a case;
And avoid the family doctor
Who sneezes in your face;

Please fire that exterminator
Whose own house is infested;
Don’t believe that one-night stand
Who says that she’s been tested;
Steer clear of that body guard
Who doesn’t watch your back;
And don’t call the portly plumber
Who’s afraid to show his crack;

Never sail with the captain
Leaning over starboard side;
Don’t expect a groom in Utah
To marry a single bride;
Don’t book through the travel agent
Who says she’ll never fly;
And doubt the Texas judge
Who claims you’ll never fry;

Don’t focus on the photographer
Whose gaze doesn’t linger;
Cut and run from that butcher
Who’s suddenly lost his finger;
Never trust a politician,
Never trust a politician,
Never under any condition
Should you trust a politician.

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